Nora, Chained up for Years Now Rescued

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Rotten teeth, extra long nails, ignored and chained up in the yard—poor Nora had probably never visited a vet or received proper care most of her life. Somehow she made it onto a transport van and was taken to Minnesota this past January.

Nora might be wondering, “What’s happening to me?”

Pet Haven stepped up just in the nick of time. You see, Nora could barely walk due to her long toenails and could hardly eat because of her decaying teeth. Chained up outside, severely neglected and in Kentucky for most of her life, Nora was in bad shape.

She was taken to Pet Haven’s vet for an immediate exam. As they suspected all of Nora’s teeth needed to come out since she had periodontal disease. This will not only allow her to eat properly, but she’ll feel much better and will no longer have the chance of infection from the teeth rotting in her mouth.

She looks pretty comfortable and happy now!

Nora’s original family lost out on a beautiful, friendly and gentle soul. She now lives with her foster mom, cats and other dogs for siblings and she is thrilled around children. She loves to snuggle and now enjoys life inside on a fluffy couch where this 7-year-old beautiful beagle should have been all along!

Nora is smiling now because of her new, well-deserved life. She will undoubtedly make a great addition to any beagle lover’s home.

I think her cute smile says it all, don’t you?

Pet Haven has high vet bills due to rescuing Nora. You can help by clicking here so they can treat more neglected animals.

by susanrosenberg, June 27, 2018