Help Dogs Stay Cool and Comfortable in Excruciating Heat

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Before I visited Rescate Fenix Dog shelter in Obregon, Mexico, I had never seen a shelter like this one. The dogs, 50 – 60 of them are housed entirely outside in community yards. There are two of these yards. Somehow they’ve determined which dogs get along with each other. Except for the disabled animals, they divide dogs into the two fenced-off dirt yards. There is very little shade from a single tree. The shelter volunteers have put up tarps for additional shade. Between the sweltering sun and wind, the tarp is torn apart quickly.

Between the intense heat of the day most of the year and the torrential rains, the poor shelter dogs need a place to stay cool and dry. Bringing them inside is impossible. There are too many, and there is no way to house them separately from the disabled dogs and sometimes nursing mother dogs.

When I visited, it was one of those hot Sonoran days. Still, the friendly dogs wanted to greet the other visitors and me. It’s amazing how happy they are in such poor conditions. Besides living outside with little shelter, they are often hungry too. Shelter volunteers do the best they can and even purchase food for the dogs.

The addition of these Sala structures will make all the difference for these beautiful dogs while they wait to be adopted.

Still, the dogs living at Rescate Fenix are the lucky ones. These are the dogs that have been saved mostly from the harsh streets of Obregon. A few dedicated volunteers got together and made this much happen on their own. Now you can help improve the shelter. There is much to be done, but the comfort of those precious dogs is #1. We started a campaign to raise funds to buy the materials for Salas. Sala type shelters in each of the two Rescue Fenix yards will provide a place for the adoptable dogs to seek shade and shelter from any type of weather. The Salas will also offer some much-needed enrichment for the gang.

The hope is to raise funds for a total of eight Salas—four per yard. Once the Sala project is complete, we’ll begin phase two: raising funds for shelter repairs! Please help us make the lives of these great dogs better by donating here.

by susanrosenberg, July 11, 2018