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Sweet Little Stewie Is Having Major Seizures. You Can Help.

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Our partners at DREAM Animal Rescue heard about Stewie from a Southern California shelter. After a shelter volunteer saw Stewie acting strange and stumbling around the shelter, a vet monitored him throughout that day since they suspected a seizure. It appeared that it was a one-time thing, so they released him to DREAM.

Once rescued and in foster care, everything was going great until about ten days in. Stewie had a tiff with a resident dog and then suddenly went stiff and began to seize. They took him to the vet where he received treatment and was sent home. That vet said to monitor him hoping it was an isolated incident.

A few days later Stewie had a major seizure. He was rushed to the emergency animal clinic and was treated after seizing for 40 minutes. They started an IV and gave him Valium and suggested some testing to learn the cause of his seizures.

DREAM then took him to their regular vet for the diagnostics and started Stewie on regular anti-seizure medication. Diagnostics can be very expensive, but many things could be causing the seizures. Hopefully, a cause will be found so they can help the little guy.

Stewie continued to have seizures even though he was on regular medication. He had another bad one causing another visit to the emergency vet. They’ll need to do a full workup including an MRI and possibly a spinal tap to get answers since the current medications are not working.

Test results will provide a clearer picture of how to move forward. Seizures are usually easily controlled with medication or other medical treatment. Finding the right treatment for sweet little Stewie can result in no more seizures.

Stewie is a very cute guy with a very expressive face! His big ears are adorable! He is very loving with his foster mom who calls him her little shadow! I’m sure you’ll agree that Stewie would make a loving companion for a friendly family, but not until the vet clears him medically.

Stewie needs your help to end these seizures so he can live a long, pain-free life in the perfect forever home. Please click here to donate.

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