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Daily Meals for Vulnerable, Displaced Burmese Children

By Brittany John – Health, Hunger and Education Program Manager

Thanks to YOUR incredible support Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) was able to provide daily meals to 2,093 children living in 15 boarding houses along the Thailand-Burma border this past year.

Over the course of this last year, your donations provided over 726,236 meals to displaced Burmese children!

MTC, lead by the incredibly innovative Dr. Cynthia Maung, plays a major role in the health, education, child protection and overall wellbeing of displaced people along the Thai border. Students living in MTC boarding houses cannot access quality education near their hometown, either due to ongoing violence and unrest or lack of educational facilities. Recent reports from the International Organization for Migration indicated an estimated 200,000 migrant children under the age of 17 are in Thailand – of which less than 1/3 have access to education.

Your donations improved this reality, and we wanted to show you how!

We’d like to introduce you to two students who were directly impacted by your donations:

“There are many peers in the boarding house from different backgrounds and different ethnicities. Although we are all different, we are all like siblings. During the stay in the boarding house, I have learned a lot of things that are important for my life; how to cook, how to communicate with others and how to become friendly. I strongly believe that education is a key to achieve my dream. In the future, I want to become a mathematics teacher and teach the new generation in my village back in Burma/Myanmar as there is no school there.” – Eh Shee

“I believe that education is the key to unlock the golden door of development in my community, in my country and to the whole world as without knowledge one can misjudge and mistake many important things in one’s life.” – K

This is all possible because of multiple individual donations of wide-ranging amounts. Thank you for being an important part of ensuring these children are fed, educated and protected.

Just $2.50 feeds 1 student for 1 week

Click here to set up a recurring donation to support more students like Eh Shee and K !

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