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Addie’s Story

July 23 – July 29 is National Feed a Rescue Pet Week! One of the biggest expenses for shelters and rescue groups is feeding animals in their care. For many rescues, after food costs, they have little or nothing left in their budget for medical treatment, vaccines or other adoption programs. That’s where GreaterGood’s Rescue Bank program comes in—we ship donated food to rescue groups around the country to make sure their animals are well fed, and that they have extra money in their budget to help pets in desperate need—pets like Addie.

When someone abandoned Addie at Save-A-Bull Rescue in Southern Arizona, she was in crippling pain. Addie suffers from a rare degenerative joint disease which causes extreme pain and makes it impossible to walk. Though Addie was in excruciating pain, she had a positive attitude and would crawl from place to place—without special treatment, she wouldn’t be able to live a normal life. Emily, the rescue’s director, wouldn’t give up on Addie and went to work making her feel better. Luckily, the rescue saves hundreds of dollars monthly thanks to Rescue Bank food donations, and Emily was able to use those savings for therapy and custom fit boots for Addie, giving her legs back. Now Addie has gone from crawling in pain to running full speed with a smile on her face. This miracle would not have been possible without your support.

Every dollar donated to Rescue Bank offsets $17 worth of expense for a rescue group. This National Feed a Rescue Pet Week, YOU can save more animals like Addie by clicking here.