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Favorite Girl at the Shelter Needs Knee Surgery

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Ginger loves everyone!

The vet diagnosed super sweet Ginger with a torn muscle in her knee. Even in pain, she loves everyone. If you get too close, expect slobber with a lot of Ginger kisses! Simply put—Ginger is amazing, generous and in need of some help.

The rescue found Ginger as a stray. No one came forward to claim her. Ginger has stolen the hearts of everyone at the shelter. Once she gets her surgery, she will have physical therapy and will recover fully. Ginger is going to make a wonderful addition to some lucky family out there.

We work with so many great rescue and shelter organizations working to save pets like Ginger. Thanks to YOUR support, our Animal Medical Cases page has raised funds to save hundreds of lives. A donation as little as $5 goes a long way to help groups struggling to pay medical bills. Too often an adoptable pet is euthanized simply due to a treatable medical condition. A condition that if they had the funds, another shelter or rescue would take that pet in and care for them to adoption.

We have the only known individual adoptable pet medical fund. We work with qualified groups working to save pets’ lives. These cases can be as serious as Parvo, to easily cured but expensive fractures. No matter how dangerous these conditions, the difference could mean life and death for the pet. Shelters and rescues have such limited funds that they must make hard decisions every day.

Click here so Ginger can have her knee surgery and find that perfect forever home! 

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