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Puppy Rylee Has Two Broken Legs

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

A Good Samaritan found Rylee, a sweet little pup. They noticed her out on her own, unable to use her front legs. Of course, they knew they had to help her. Luckily they knew about Mutt Misfits Society and took Rylee to them.

As suspected, the vet determined that Rylee’s legs were both broken. Surgery to insert a plate and pins in each leg would be necessary. After the surgery and some therapy, Rylee should walk normally.

Rylee will soon have her surgery. She’ll remain in her foster home while she recovers. Most of her recovery will be crate rest; however, there will be some therapy that the foster family will do at home.

The vet expects Rylee to make a full recovery. She’ll be a happy, healthy puppy once she recovers entirely from her injuries.

Rylee has such a will to be a regular dog. Even with both front legs broken, she was hopping around much like a kangaroo on her back legs using her nose to help balance her. Also, she is the sweetest puppy around. You can see it in her eyes she’s a fighter.

Just like our other Adoptable Pet Medical Cases, Rylee is so adoptable. Adoptable pets like Rylee are often euthanized merely because the rescue or shelter cannot afford the costs of medical treatments.

We need your help to fund Rylee’s surgery by clicking on the link below. Share the link on social media, too. Mutts Misfits Society takes in many adoptable pets with special medical needs. This keeps them from losing their lives due to the lack of funds at other rescue organizations.

Click here to save Rylee’s life!

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