Nicodemus Always Has Dave’s Back

Photo: Canines for Veterans

Dave, a United States Navy Veteran, served in Vietnam as a Navy Corpsman and is the recipient of a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He came to Canines for Veterans seeking greater independence after years of not feeling like himself, growing more and more isolated, less communicative and unhappy. Dave’s smile when he first saw Nicodemus was genuinely touching.

Dave is now engaging in his community more, visiting local businesses and eating out at restaurants. He is always amazed when asking Nic to kennel under the table and when after dinner Nic moves from underneath, the look of surprise on faces because they did not know the service dog was there.

Nicodemus is already giving Dave the confidence he has been yearning for to be comfortable in public. If struggling while out, Dave is confident with Nic by his side, he can get through whatever he encounters. Nic is always focused on Dave and waiting for the next need he will have.

“Nic is great stress relief out in public—just a pet and the crowds don’t bother me like they usually would. He is very affectionate with everyone but always watches me, which I love. He always has my back; he’s the best partner I’ve ever had.” – Dave

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