Odie Helps His Veteran Through the Day

Lynn is medically retired from the Navy and was referred to Pets for Patriots by her local Veterans Administration. Through Pets for Patriots’ partnership with San Diego Humane Society, Lynn adopted Odahviing, previously named Jekyll, a four-year-old German Shepherd.

Now known as ‘Odie,’ for short, this rescued dog helps Lynn cope with anxiety and depression. He has been prescribed as her Emotional Support Animal (ESA), so she doesn’t have to worry about surrendering him should she live in no-pet housing. Like other ESAs, Odie is a pet whose mere presence is assistive in reducing the symptoms of Lynn’s disabilities.

“Odie helps reduce stress and depression and helps calm my PTSD when it starts to flare,” says Lynn. Pets for Patriots contacts every veteran to see how their pet adoptions are going, to help ensure person and pet are forming a strong bond, and to address any normal adjustment issues. They follow up intensively for the first several weeks, and again at the six-month and one-year adoption anniversaries.

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