“From being on pause to having paws by my side…” – A Veteran and His Service Dog

United States Army Veteran Shawn patiently waited for 10 months to meet his service dog. Tired of being secluded and unable to enjoy time with his family because of his service-connected health issues, Shawn is ready for change and to begin to live his life again. Now, partnered with Service dog Forest, Shawn sees the possibilities for a brighter future with his service dog by his side.

Shawn has already had lunch and dinner at restaurants and spent over an hour in a local store, both activities not possible prior to his service dog by his side. He looks forward to participating in sports with his young son and even coaching his son’s little league team shortly; all because of the gift of Service Dog Forest in his life. After 13 years of seclusion, Shawn and his wife look forward to the days, months, weeks and years ahead.

“You gave me my life back to start living again. I went from being on pause to having paws by my side, and I cannot wait to see what the next months and years will bring.” – Shawn, United States Army Veteran

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