Waste Less, Recover More, Feed Many

By Brittany John – Health, Hunger and Education Program Manager

How we contribute to hunger in our country matters and YOUR donations are causing a huge ripple effect!

Can you imagine not knowing how you will find your next meal? Every day, this is the reality for one in eight Americans. Still, the EPA estimates that 72 billion pounds of food per year goes to waste in our country.

Together with Food Recovery Network (FRN) (the largest student movement against food waste and hunger in America), your donations are actively working to improve this disparity and here is how. We are incredibly happy to report that this last year our collaborative efforts have made the following a reality:








Contributions to this project truly have a unique multiplier effect. When you donate, you:

  1. Save a meal that would have otherwise gone to waste.
  2. Decreased the amount of carbon emissions emitted during the breakdown of food into waste.
  3. Provided a meal someone in need.

How we contribute to hunger in our country matters! Here is one incredible story that highlights how:

Just a few months ago San Francisco State University and Santa Clara University FRN chapters had their most substantial food recovery effort yet! They recovered 68 pallets (27,655 pounds) of food in a single day!

All of the recovered food in efforts like these are distributed to local agencies to provide meals to people like Carl. Carl is a Navy Veteran who has been homeless for the last five years. Intelligent, hilarious, and amicable, his chronic alcoholism, physical disabilities and mental illness have rendered him unable to remain housed or stably employed. At 55 years old his body could not withstand the abuse and stood on the precipice of death.

Often in the interest of keeping him upright, FRN agents encouraged him to sit down and would grab him his dinner – a huge plate full of food that FRN had donated. “As he ate, his eyes became clearer, and I could tell he felt infinitely better,” says one of FRN agents.

This went on for the last two years.

Recently through the help of supporting organizations, and his strength of character, Carl has made incredible progress. He started taking medication which curbs his cravings for alcohol and is slowly returning to the pastimes which give him joy, such as reading and gardening. These small structures in his life provide him with the sense of purpose that he needs to attain and maintain housing.

“Every agency that has participated in the two-year struggle to help keep him alive is rejoicing at the prospect of a man who served his country finally getting the housing and quality of life he deserves.”
– Food Recovery Network

The simple meals that Carl received as a result of your donations were a gateway for him to receiving the further help that saved his life.

Click here to help recover and repurpose meals to feed and include people on the margins as they strive to reintegrate into society.

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by brittany, August 9, 2018