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GreaterGood.org Scholarship Tour: Around the World

By Brittany John – Health, Hunger and Education Program Manager

Join us as we take a journey to educate as many young girls around the world as possible. Each month we will introduce you to girls in a new country and illuminate unique barriers in their way of receiving the education they deserve.

 Last month
 In July, YOUR donations helped us reach our goal of providing another year of education for 10 girls to attend school in the Philippines. We are incredibly proud to say that these 10 girls have been supported through our scholarship program, by your donations, over the last three consecutive years!

This month
In August, our goal is to provide a classroom of girls in Cameroon with one year of education!
One primary barrier to girls education in Cameroon is early child marriage and we know that education holds the unique power to delay this.

UNICEF estimates that 1 out of 3 girls in Cameroon are married before they turn 19! Education, or lack thereof, is strongly linked to the prevalence of child marriage: 79% of women aged 20-24 are not educated. Girls from the poorest 20% of families are 6.5 times more likely to be married before 18 compared to the richest and more educated 20%.

We need your help! You can support one girl for one week for under $10!

Just $1.70 sends one girl to school for one day $8.50 for one week.


“None of us can move forward, if half of us are held back” – Melinda Gates



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