URGENT: Hurricane Lane brings flooding to Hawaii

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After months of volcanic eruptions, Hawaii is once again threatened—this time by its first hurricane in 26 years.

Hurricane Lane approached Hawaii on August 21st as a category 4 hurricane with sustained wind speeds of 130mph. Though it hasn’t made landfall, Lane is dumping torrential rains that have caused widespread flooding on the Big Island of Hawaii. The rain was falling in localized areas at the rate of 2 inches per hour in parts of the state! Forecasts predict widespread damage across the island chain, including landslides, flash floods, and storm surges raising water levels to at least 2 feet above normal. NOAA reported late on the 23rd that a Hurricane Warning continues for Oahu and Maui County.

The storm is forecast to slow its speed and weaken over the next few days. The slow movement of the massive storm will cause Hurricane Harvey-like rainfall in just days over the islands. Hawaii’s distance from the mainland US adds an extra challenge, making supply deliver difficult and costly island chain.’s disaster response team is actively communicating with the government and partners on the ground. We are fielding requests for supplies and cash grants to our partners to aid those affected. We stand ready to send critical resources for affected people and displaced animals. Your ongoing support makes it possible.

Every dollar helps improve our ability to respond quickly as needs arise and enables us to stay the course until affected families and communities are fully healed, rebuilt and resilient.

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by Jim Kober, August 23, 2018