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With Your Help Victims of the Fuego Volcano Eruption Fed Nutritious Meals

By Denise Bash, Director of Special Projects

The Fuego volcano erupted violently on June 3, 2018, causing massive loss of life and damage. Within minutes of the eruption hot ash, volcanic rocks and gas barreled down the mountain into the farms and communities below. The onslaught of 1000 plus degree debris consumed homes, businesses, as well as claiming the lives of over 332 individuals and displacing thousands.

Our partners at the World Central Kitchen (WCK) jumped into action immediately to support the victims. With your help, GreaterGood.org awarded $10,000 to support their efforts to feed displaced people as well as disaster responders. With a focus on children and the elderly, WCK’s nutritious, chef-prepared meals have provided 34 shelters and three communities in Guatemala with essential meals following the eruption of the Fuego volcano. 320,000 highly nutritious meals, lovingly prepared were made and delivered daily to the victims. These communities will need time and support to continue recovering.

WCK reported stories like that of Jose Miguel. “Jose lost his home after the eruption of the Fuego volcano, which destroyed thousands of homes in the surrounding communities. We met him digging out his home with a pickaxe and shovel and were able to offer him a meal while he was working. In addition to feeding families in 34 official and unofficial shelters, we also made it a point to deliver meals to rescue workers, construction workers and others who are working hard to help restore infrastructure to Guatemalan communities. Although the loss is tremendous, we’re honored to do our small part by providing the comfort of a meal to those who need it.”

Help us continue to serve people who are victims of natural disasters!

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