One Female Entrepreneur’s Success in Malawi

By Brittany John – Health, Hunger and Education Program Manager

Throughout the years, thanks to your support,’s GROW program has supported the distribution of over 15,000 menstrual hygiene kits to adolescent girls in need in Sierra Leone, Uganda and Malawi.

Why is this important?

Inadequate access to sanitary pads leads to multiple days of school missed each month, which leads to less learning, poor grades and low completion rates. Improved access to these resources not only improves hygiene and prevents girls from the embarrassment of exposure, but primarily addresses the millions of girls around the world who miss 3-4 school days PER MONTH simply because of menstruation.


The Success of One Female Entrepreneur in Malawi

One particular standout story comes from Trinitas in Malawi. supported Trinitas with a seed funding grant to start TinaPads, a menstrual hygiene business built specifically to address the 2 million girls in Malawi who miss four school days per month due to lack of access to proper sanitation to deal with menstruation. Since the initial seed funding grant, 982 girls received menstrual hygiene kits that will last them five years.

This is a total of over 6,879 individual pads made and distributed by one female entrepreneur’s success!

Additionally, we are happy to report that this last year Trinitas’ business is doing so well that she was finally able to leave her job with the College of Medicine and commit full time to her business!


Join us as we continue to support efforts like this to improve girls’ access to proper menstrual hygiene sanitation.

Quotes from individual girls supported through our menstrual hygiene efforts:

“Every month I tear apart a piece of clothing to create a makeshift pad. My grandma who I live with has no income so when school announced that I was one of the students who will receive a pad pack from TinaPads, I was over the moon. I am grateful for the support especially for knowing that I don’t have to worry about where I will get pads for the next coming years. I promise to take care of them well so they last a long time.” – Tamara, Flame Tree Initiative

I used to be so uncomfortable in school. Every two hours, I would change a makeshift pad made up of pieces of fabric. I was so worried I’d leak onto my uniform. I couldn’t focus in class or walk around the campus during break times. Some days, I would miss going to class. All this changed when I received TinaPads. TinaPads now enables me to pursue day-to-day activities with no worries. The pad is designed with an absorbent core, waterproof fabric and snaps to keep it in place. I feel productive, and most importantly, it provides me with a sense of dignity and confidence.”  – Fatima, Flame Tree Initiative

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by brittany, September 25, 2018