“Thank you for your donations!” – Love, Veronica

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Veronica before leg amputation

Veronica, a sweet little terrier mix, is a stray dog that was hit by a car. Veronica was picked up by Franklin Township Animal Control Officer, Katie, and taken to an emergency vet because she was suffering and flailing around. The vet diagnosed swelling in her brain, which made her deaf and blind. After three days in emergency care, she returned to the shelter, where she was kept in a cardboard box with soft sides so she could not hurt her head and further injure herself.

At first, she needed to be fed by hand, but gradually her appetite resumed, and she began eating on her own. Her hearing and sight also returned, and she stopped flailing. Over several months, Veronica continued to recover. However, the accident also damaged one of her front legs. The veterinarian recommended waiting months to see if Veronica would regain the use of that leg. If the muscle and nerve damage did not heal, the vet would need to remove part, or all, of the front leg. Despite all that’s happened, Veronica is a loving, sweet pup. She is social, friendly, and loves to have her belly rubbed.

Veronica’s Forever Family!

The vet amputated Veronica’s front leg at the end of February. She was also spayed at that time and recuperated at the shelter. Soon she was up and running, eating, playing, and doing all the “normal” things a dog can do. Katie often gives presentations at elementary schools, and she brings shelter animals with her to teach the kids about pets and pet care. She recently brought Veronica along on one of these presentations, and one of the teachers at the school fell in love with her. She had recently lost a 14-year-old Yorkie and was looking for a companion for her other dog. She applied for Veronica, passed all the assessments and took Veronica home last week. She reports that Veronica is getting along very well with the other dog and has made herself at home.

“Thank you for your donations!” – Love, Veronica

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to and especially Susan Rosenberg who patiently answered many questions! Everyone who donated felt they were part of the healing and solution, and could specifically trace where their money went. Second Chance for Animals (SCFA) received numerous inquiries on its Facebook page wanting to know how Veronica was doing. It feels good to support a cause and reap the benefit of a measurable outcome! Hopefully, SCFA won’t have another emergency case this like one soon, but it’s certainly inevitable, and we’re likely to turn to again. Thank you!” – Second Chance for Animals

 Thanks to YOUR support, we are There When It Matters™ for people, pets and the planet, and we are here to stay! 

by Jim Kober, October 1, 2018