Cheri Has You to Thank for a Shot at a Great Education

By Patricia Cogley – Director of Girls’ Voices

Cheri is a 16-year-old girl living in the town of Beudet, Haiti. She attends Project Edeline, a school built after the devastating earthquake of 2010. Her family is extremely poor, and her school provides her with a place to learn, food, healthcare and clean water.

Cheri is the oldest student at the school. She approached Monde, the principal of the school one day and begged to attend. He said that she could join, but she’d have to start at the beginning of her education. Joining the school, Cheri rose to the challenge and continues to be a hard-working student. Being able to be a part of Girls’ Voices allowed her to tell this story of pushing for an education, as well as think artistically about her world. She is grateful to attend Project Edeline and continues to dream about where her education can take her.

During the Girls’ Voices workshop, Cheri latched on to the camera and discovered that she loved documenting and creating portraitures of her daily life. Cheri was able to show the world a little piece of what she sees on a daily basis and to explain how much education means to her. “Thank you for teaching me how to look through a camera.” School and Family was such a moving video during our Girls’ Voices for Change contest, Cheri’s won a runners-up prize in “Creativity in Video.”

Cheri just completed the 6th grade and passed all of her classes with great accolades. She continues to be a leader at Institut Edeline and is hoping to be a teacher someday and even return to this school to teach. Cheri’s scholarship helped to pay for her books, supplies, test fees and uniform and two meals a day. In addition to helping her attend school, creating with the camera helped Cheri find her voice with the group. She is now confident to speak in front of the class, is a natural teacher and eventually wants to teach in the future. She has overcome so many obstacles to attend school, and we are proud to support her so that she can make a difference in her future!

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by patricia, October 1, 2018