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YOU Keep Getting Dogs and Cats Adopted Through Your Generosity!

By Melissa Vecera – Shelter Program Manager – Rescue Bank Program

With over 600 animals that come through Chenango SPCA yearly, it is a challenge to keep them all active and provide enrichment. Exercise and enrichment toys help prevent kennel fatigue and ensure that the animals are happy and healthy when they are adopted. The KONG tennis ball donation from GreaterGood.org, made possible by iHeartDogs.com, helps Chenango’s dogs actively participate in these enrichment activities. As each animal gets adopted, the ball goes home with them to provide some comfort and familiarity in their new home, dogs like Mama.

What a journey Mama lady has had! After the passing of her owner and her sister quickly finding a home, Mama had to wait several months before finding a new family. With all of the changes Mama had to go through, comfort was something that she needed. So the tennis balls were a great comfort item for Mama to take with her. She is enjoying their familiar smell and had several with her during her stay at the SPCA.

Every dollar donated to Rescue Bank offsets $17 worth of expense for a rescue group. This freed-up money allows rescue groups to take in more animals and help them find forever homes. Click here to donate!