Your Support of Rescue Bank Saved Buddy


Buddy is one of the animals Welcome Home Small Animal Rescue rescued from a hoarding situation. Barely two years old, this little dog had lived over half of his life in an oversized crate, so he was completely un-socialized and terrified to leave the only safe place he knew. Dirty but in reasonably good health and body condition, the rescue began the slow process of gaining this boy’s trust; then they took him to their vet for evaluation. Next, the rescue’s foster home spent over a year socializing and adjusting Buddy so that he felt safe in a home, yard, on walks and car rides. He never got over his need for tight places, so he spent his naps and nights under the bed or in bed with his foster.

A super sweet and non-aggressive boy, Buddy could be trusted with all types of animals though he remained shy around people. What a blessing then, when Welcome Home Small Animal Rescue received an application from a family who’s 18-year-old special needs daughter was bed bound and needed a special companion; one that wouldn’t mind lying around in a bed all day but could use a doggie door to a beautiful yard whenever he desired! Who would have guessed that a cage-bound, un-socialized pup could develop into a service-type pal and fulfill such a critical void!

“Without the donations we receive from GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank program, saving Buddy’s life wouldn’t have been possible. All credit goes to these most gracious donations, because the quality food and treats we receive not only helps us keep our adoption donation fees flexible and affordable, they also buy us valuable time which helped us discover the potential in this young dog, to work with & train him; allowing us to give value to HIS life. What Buddy has brought to his adopters is priceless. He has enriched their lives just as they have his.”

– Welcome Home Small Animal Rescue

 Thanks to YOUR support, we are There When It Matters™ for people, pets and the planet, and we are here to stay!