Veteran Raymond + Mae = Perfection

Raymond is an elderly Army veteran living in Florida. With the help of a supportive neighbor – who herself hails from a military family – he decided to adopt a companion pet not only to save an animal in need, but to help him cope with the day-to-day challenges he faces as a result of some health issues.

Before adopting four-year-old May, Raymond was profoundly lonely. He is no longer able to drive, and his adult children live far away. Isolated and alone, Raymond turned to adoption only after being assured that his loving neighbor would care for Mae should the situation arise. The adoption has been a tremendous success. The sweet, spirited rescue dog instantly uplifted Raymond, and Mae was spared prolonged life in a shelter.

Before Mae came into this veteran’s life, Raymond would seldom walk or get any exercise. Now he dotes on Mae, and the pair takes regular walks in the neighborhood. Raymond may still be an elderly gentleman, but in so many ways he is a new man. For her part, Mae is soaking up all the love that her new guardian has to offer, and is thriving in his care.

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