Last Week’s Breast Cancer Marathon in Freetown, Sierra Leone

By Brittany John – Health, Hunger and Education Program Manager

As many people across the U.S., maybe yourself included, supported breast cancer efforts by participating in breast cancer races during the month of October, so too did our partner, Thinking Pink, in Sierra Leone (West Africa). Just last week they put on the only Annual Breast Cancer Marathon in the country and 600 people attended!

We wanted to share the success and importance of this incredible event lead by Thinking Pink’s Founder, Cremelda Parkinson Pratt.

Raising breast cancer awareness regarding early detection is particularly pertinent in places like Sierra Leone.


Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world, and the health status of the people of Sierra Leone is still among the worst in the world. Access to healthcare is extremely difficult, especially when it comes to breast cancer.  There is only ONE mammography machine and ZERO oncologists in the entire country. Women must travel to surrounding countries to receive breast cancer treatment, and most can’t afford treatment even if breast cancer is detected.

We just received and wanted to share this striking story of Fatu, that highlights the importance of increased access to breast cancer care. Fatu is one of the women supported because of GreaterGood donors like you. Click HERE to listen as Fatu outlines her story of how misbeliefs surrounding breast cancer can lead to devastating outcomes and how support from donors LIKE YOU can have life-altering effects.

Listen as she brings tears to everyone’s eyes as she describes what it’s like to have battled breast cancer in a country with zero oncologists since she was 17. 

Fatu’s beliefs about breast cancer, unfortunately, are not uncommon. Many people believe that breast cancer is contagious or is a curse or only happens to affluent people in the West. This is why GreaterGood partnered with Thinking Pink, one of the only breast cancer organizations working in Sierra Leone to change these beliefs and support women in need. They are creating awareness, for instance, through the 600 people who attended last weeks marathon and are dispelling myths about breast cancer through community workshops. Thanks to donors LIKE YOU women are sponsored to receive mammograms, mastectomies, biopsies and counseling.

Fatu is now pregnant, and unfortunately, her breast cancer has returned. We need your help to save her and her babiy. Click here to donate in support of Fatu and women like her, listen to her impactful story and watch a video as the only annual Marathon for breast cancer in Sierra Leone unfolds.

by brittany, November 15, 2018