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Remember Mr. P? He Needs Us Again.

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

A while back we posted a small campaign to help Mr. P eat. Sold as a baby bird to a family, he was brought back 17 years later. Mr. P had a deformed beak that prevented him from eating properly. Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary accepted Mr. P into their nonprofit rescue. They took him to the veterinarian right away. He needed several treatments to reshape his mis-shaped beak to allow him to eat. He was also checked for vitamin deficiencies to determine if there is a need for a “special diet.” At that point, he could only manage to eat from the right side of his beak. It was difficult for the poor bird to get enough nourishment.


YOU came through for Mr. P back then! Laser treatments and beak shaping began. After months of laser treatments and care, there was little improvement. At that point, the vet reached out to Texas A&M University for recommendations on how to proceed with his care. Mr. P went to Texas A&M where he could have a CT Scan of his skull. That scan was inconclusive, so they performed a Micro CT Scan. This second scan revealed massive scar tissue, an extra bone and old infection. Surgery was the only option if Mr. P was ever going to use his beak again. Doctors performed a very delicate 3-hour surgery and determined that a dog bite caused his injury.


After his first surgery, Mr. P had daily antibiotic shots and two oral medications for 10 days plus physical therapy two to three times a week for months. He had to be sedated each time so the vet could manipulate his beak to prevent new scar tissue from forming. Unfortunately, the physical therapy was unsuccessful, and scar tissue formed again locking his jaw.

He had his second surgery and this time the surgeon was able to do both sides to remove all the scar tissue. Again he was on a 10-day regiment of daily shots and two medications. He completes physical therapy every day now until the scar tissue decides it can’t live there. This time he is finally able to use his beak a little and is even chewing on a piece of wood. He is done with his medications, but his physical therapy will go on for quite some time.

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