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When You Choose to Give This Holiday Season, Give Where It Matters™

With so many nonprofits to choose from, what makes one different from the other? Which one will have the most impact on the world following your donation? It is true that not all nonprofits are created equal. When you give to, you Give Where It Matters™. What follows is a short summary of why you should choose this giving season:

  • On average, 98.3% of your donation dollar goes directly to the cause to which you donate! When you give to, you don’t have to worry about your hard earned money going straight to large CEO salaries or overhead expenses. You can rest easy knowing your donation goes directly to the cause you have chosen to support.

  • Our staff of experts administer all Signature Programs. Within each cause area, we employee experts in their given fields. These experts have been doing this work for many decades and know their causes through and through. Some of these folks are famous, some are not, but all know precisely how to make the most impact for your donation dollar. When you support one of our Signature Programs, your gift goes straight to the project you choose, and because we directly administer these programs, we give you even more visibility into the outcomes and impact of your donation with reports from the field.

  • When you Give Where It Matters™, we are there to guarantee the funding goes precisely where you intended.

  • is your one-stop shop to find the causes closest to your heart through our Gifts That Give More™ program. Through this innovative program, we allow you to donate very specific things (such as a book, a meal, or an acre) to an array of programs around the world doing the very best work to protect people, pets, and the planet. Our dedicated professional program staff works to identify organizations around the world having the most significant impact—in many cases, these are small, local nonprofits you may not have heard of, but they are independently vetted by our staff to ensure their work is best-in-class.

    Through this program, you make a donation that reaches the people on the ground doing the work. It’s a donation you can be proud of, and confident in. So when you donate 1,000 meals to shelter animals in need, you know that you are providing just that—1,000 meals to hungry shelter pets. We have over 400 projects you can choose from and are adding more all the time. Donations to our programs make great gifts. Right now, when you donate in honor of a loved one, you can send a custom message and an e-card straight to their inbox to let them know about your gift!

  • We focus on reporting back to you how your donation had the most impact. We take great pride staying in contact and letting you know how YOU change the world time and time again!

  • For over a decade we have served people, pets, and the planet. In doing so, we recognize what works and what does not, so a donation to does more to better the world than giving to other nonprofits.

Or you can choose to donate to Help Where It’s Most Needed by clicking here!