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Bennie Is Paralyzed, Hopefully Not Permanently

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Rescue + Freedom Project has rescue partners in Beijing who inform them about animals in research laboratories, the meat trade, and other abusive situations. A 2-month-old black Labrador puppy, Bennie, was abandoned on the streets, emaciated and paralyzed. He was unable to use his hind legs. He was dragging them on the ground, and he was incontinent. Due to the dragging, he had open wounds on his back paws, rear, and tail. The rescuers arranged a pro bono surgery from a traveling US vet to help. After that surgery, Bennie was still paralyzed. They knew he would have the best chance at a better life in the US. Bennie traveled the world to begin his incredible road to healing.

Once in the US, a neurologist determined that the hind limbs may not recover without extensive rehabilitation of the muscle atrophy. Until completing therapy, they will perform a post-therapy MRI. This will determine if Bennie will require additional surgery or if only therapy will be required.

Three weeks of extensive aqua, weight, and acupuncture therapies and training using properly fit wheels is the initial phase of rehabilitation. Bennie needs experienced therapists to work with him during this special time. The rehabilitation center working with him has the best equipment to support animals with paralysis. Bennie is still a growing teenager, and his bones and muscles are changing. He may need additional therapy and larger wheels. Once stabilized and released by his therapists, he will be examined by a neurologist and orthopedist again.

We want Bennie to have the best possible recovery. He is so eager to play, run, and be a normal dog. You can help Bennie and Rescue + Freedom Project with the costs of his extensive care. Please click on the link below to see how you can help Bennie and other pets like him.

Help Bennie Walk Again

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