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Meet Clara and Her Eleven Piglets!

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Someone brought Clara to the local shelter when she was very pregnant with a large litter of piglets. Poor girl, her belly was dragging on the floor. Just days after Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary took Clara in, she went into labor. After the first two piglets were born, hours passed, and it became clear she was going to need help having her babies.

Vet staff came to asses Clara and were able to see 10 more piglets waiting to be born on the x-rays taken. The vet was able to deliver 10 more piglets manually. Clara appeared to have delivered all of the babies, however, the next morning it was discovered that Clara had one piglet left that had passed away in utero and had started to deliver but become stuck. It was obvious that Clara was uncomfortable and in pain. The vet was called to come out again to safely remove the deceased piglet.

The prognosis for Clara and her babies is good. We expect Clara to recover within a few weeks fully. But at this time, Clara has not begun to produce milk, so all of the babies are being bottle fed.

The piglets will wait till they are old enough to be spayed and neutered and go to their new homes to be adopted out. All of the piglets will be socialized and will make wonderful pets. Mom is also lovely and smart and would also make a great addition to a family.

Click here to help Clara raise her piglets!

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by susanrosenberg, December 12, 2018