Kitten Needs Our Help to Save His Leg — :

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Kitten Needs Our Help to Save His Leg

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Rescued from a feral colony Yves and his kitten sibling were taken in by West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue. They immediately noticed that Yves was limping and determined that he needed a professional evaluation with possible x-rays. After the examination, the choices were amputation or reconstructive surgery. The x-rays revealed a clean break that was 2-3 weeks old of unknown origin.

Facing possible amputation, they determined that Yves deserved the chance at full mobility. Surgery was performed to repair the leg and was followed by 4-6 weeks of limited movement, giving recovery time for healing. Keeping a young kitten quiet with limited mobility would not be easy. Yves went to foster for recovery.

The prognosis is good, and he should have full mobility in six weeks. He’ll need physical therapy, a lot of patience and tender loving care. He’ll need some socializing too but cannot play too hard too soon.

Once he’s healed, he will be a very coveted adoptee. The healing process results in lots of interaction, and he should be very social and very familiar with hands-on care. Yves will make some great family a loving kitty and lifelong companion.

Yves is a male domestic long hair Main Coon mix and was only five weeks old when he had his surgery. As his photos show, he is a very handsome young cat and will be accustomed to being handled and receiving lots of love and attention.

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