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UPDATE! Dogs Get Their Sala Homes

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

I’ve been following the progress at Rescate Fenix Shelter in Obregon, Mexico. Earlier this year we had a successful Gifts That Give More campaign to raise funds to build sala type dog houses. Those poor dogs came from the hard streets of Mexico and had never had a real home. This shelter did the best they could but the dogs, sometimes as many as 60 of them, had to live in the elements in a dirt yard. The yard had poor drainage during torrential rainstorms and fleas and other parasites during the dangerous heat of the summers. Shelter volunteers tried their best to protect the dogs with a plastic tarp, but they never lasted long enough. Between the sun and the wind, the tarps quickly tore apart.

With donations from generous folks like you, we quickly surpassed our goal and raised enough for additional repairs at the shelter. I am so happy to report that before they started building the sala homes, other repairs were made.  They were able to cover the entire yard with a slab of concrete. They fixed all of the plumbing and draining issues, and they’ve already completed one sala.

Take a look at the timeline of photos of the building of the salas. I just heard from the shelter this week. The dogs are learning their way around the first sala one by one.

As you can see from start to finish, the dogs were curious. But, only one brave dog took his position on the top levels just as the concrete dried.

This is definitely one of those unique situations when we enhanced the lives of the dogs at the shelter and also raised the spirits of the all-volunteer staff.

Because of all of YOU these dogs will have a better safer life while they wait for a family of their own! Thank you!

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