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Amazing Milestones You Made Happen for People in 2018

YOU made so much good possible for people around the world in 2018. Let’s take a look back together:

1) In 10 countries for the last three consecutive years, you supported the education of 75 girls through our Signature Program GROW (Girls’ Right to Opportunity Worldwide)! Click here to learn more.

2) You distributed 1 million meals to Internationally Displaced Burmese children in Thailand, and recovered and redistributed 1 million meals to families across the United States! Learn more about your efforts here.

3) Through your generous donations, we provided 364 egg-laying hens and nutritional training to students in Haitian schools!

4) Thanks to you, 675 safe births took place at the Mae Tao Clinic for Internationally Displaced Burmese mothers and babies! Click here to read about some of these thankful mothers and their newborns! 

5) As a result of your kind donations, we distributed over 15,000 menstrual hygiene kits to adolescent girls across Malawi, Uganda, & Kenya. Read about it here.

6) By providing an education and healing workshops to cope with heavy emotional burdens, you supported 4,800 Syrian refugee children!

7) For the past five years, thanks to your support, GreaterGood.org has funded the build-out of the first secondary school in Matènwa, Haiti. Just this past October, we celebrated the first-ever graduating class of 10 students from Lekòl Kominotè Matènwa in Haiti — all of whom passed the notoriously difficult national secondary exam! Learn more about the graduating class here.

8) You helped us expand to eight countries to provide over three million liters of clean water & 550 water filters to families and children in need! With your support, we have supplied to countries such as Mexico, India, Laos, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, East Africa, & the Philippines. Learn more about our water efforts here.

9) You provided disaster relief for both people and animals affected by disasters from as recent as the historic flooding in Florida, wildfires in California, to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, Michael, to much more with a total of over $19 million in disaster response to date!

In 2018 you were a champion for people by making all of this possible.
Happy New Year from GreaterGood.org!