Amazing Milestones You Made Happen for Our Planet in 2018

YOU made so much good possible for our planet in 2018. Let’s take a look back together:

1) You protected over 15 million acres of habitat across the world! Learn about some of the acres you proteced!

2) You helped us complete three years of our Signature Program, Project Wildcat, adding infrastructure improvements, synchronized cattle breeding programs, and educational programs designed to save endangered Sonoran jaguars. Read about your efforts here.

3) Your donations provided crucial education through the launch of our Madrean Discovery Scholarship Program to fund projects for students in Mexico who show an active interest in biology and natural history who do not have access or exposure to fieldwork.

4) With your support for our Signature Program, Madrean Discovery Expeditions, a group of experts completed their 14th expedition to protect and document the Madrean Archipelago. Thousands of observations have been made resulting in 53 new species unknown or lost to science! Read more here.

5) In partnership with the film Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story, and The Animal Rescue Site established the official Love & Bananas Fund to protect Asian elephants. Since its creation in 2018, we’ve rescued 3 captive Asian elephants like Fah MuiClick here to learn more.

In 2018 you were a champion for our planet by making all of this possible.
Happy New Year from!

by Jim Kober, January 9, 2019