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Ariel and Her Sisters Needed Help

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

Ariel arrived at the shelter with her three sisters and her beautiful purebred mom as part of a neglect case. Another pet rescue pulled the mom once her hold lifted.

Two of the pups had injuries. Ariel’s leg hurt her so bad that she never put any of her weight on it. Her sister, Roxie was pregnant and about to burst with puppies. The other two sisters seemed to be okay.

Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue saw a video of Ariel not using her leg and asked about her. They learned that Ariel hadn’t used it for six weeks and they hadn’t been able to get her to the vet. You see, the shelter where the pups were did not have a lot of funds, especially for medical care. Hearing this the lab rescue sprung into action and made arrangements to pick up all four sisters. They never leave siblings and friends behind.

As soon as the sisters settled into foster care, arrangements were made for medical care. The vet confirmed what they suspected. Ariel had a traumatic injury that had begun to heal improperly. Her femoral head was dislocated causing her pain and discomfort.

The orthopedic surgeon recommended femoral head ostectomy with clean up on the joint. After surgery, Ariel needs extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation to start using her rear leg again. The orthopedic expects Ariel to make a full recovery, have full use of her leg and be pain-free. She will need approximately 6-8 weeks of Physical Therapy after surgery.

Ariel had her surgery and is recovering well. She is now in a foster with a pool to help her with her rehabilitation and will continue physical therapy with the surgeon’s therapist.

What about Ariel’s sisters? They are all doing fine in foster, or they are adopted!

This is a happy story since all of the sisters were taken in and received care. This is not always the case, especially when there are medical issues. Some animal shelters that must euthanize for space will choose the adoptable pets with medical problems first. It’s so sad when with a little care those pets would have been adopted into loving homes.

Please help us get those pets out alive and help them on their adoption journey. Visit Ariel’s campaign and others like her to save lives.

Help Ariel Run and Play Again

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