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Help Keep Shelter Pets Happy With Comfort Supplies

By Susan Rosenberg, Director of International Animal Programs

When a homeless pet finds themselves in a shelter or at a foster home, they have already gone through a lot. It takes time and TLC to bring them around. Unfortunately, at some shelters the adoptable pets live in outdoor kennels. Sometimes the pets that are lucky enough to be indoors are forced to sleep on cold concrete floors. Cats live in frigid wire cages with little comfort. All of this makes the transition take longer.

Stressed, cold and not comfortable pets can become sick, especially cats. Cats are more likely to get upper respiratory disease simply because of stress. Not to mention that they can be lonely even in overcrowded shelters.

City and county shelters have no budget for comfort items. Rescue groups are strapped for cash to purchase food, bedding and toys. Therefore pets go without comfort items.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s hard enough to be homeless in a rescue or shelter; without comfort items it’s even harder. Also, shelters do not have the time for much one on one time with their adoptable pets. In addition, most often city shelters have limited resources for food and medical care.

We believe that no animal should be hungry, uncomfortable or suffer in any way. Blankets and toys and adequate nourishment keep adoptable pets calm, secure and give them more resistance to disease.

We are working to help donate comfy, soft, and fluffy blankets and toys to shelters across the U.S. These donations improve the homeless animal’s quality of life by helping them become more outgoing and affectionate. This increases their chances of adoption and reduces euthanasia!

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