Monday, February 25

Ten-Year-Old Boy With Huge Heart Donates Savings to Help Shelter Animals in Need

While fundraising for the Shelter Bowl on Facebook, our staff came across the below comment which instantly melted our hearts. We had no choice but to reach out for an interview.

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Wednesday, February 20

Let the Dogs Stretch Their Legs!

Jersey City in December sounds like a fabulous idea, right? The good news is that the Rescue Rebuild team prepared for the worst weather possible. We bought body warmers and hand warmers, and luckily the weather was more tolerable than anticipated.

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Monday, February 18’s Rescue Bank Helps Save Emily

Thanks to's Rescue Bank and donors like you, WFAHS can care for the health and nutrition of their dogs and cats that end up at the shelter and save money at the same time that can help medical cases like Emily.

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Thursday, February 14’s Rescue Bank Helps Benton Get Back on His Feet

Benton was born to a shy, malnourished mother. He was quite scrawny and ate like he was never going to get food again. He ended up being shy as well, so House of Hope Rescue worked with Benton on his confidence and also his eating habits as he was eating everything and ended up eating a tug toy and ended up in the ER.

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Tuesday, February 12

400 Volunteers Helping Animals

There is a new idea that many dog parks are embracing, and we were able to make that happen at Christopher Columbus Park. While the existing dog park had a large dog and a small dog area, there is a substantial benefit to also having a space for lower energy dogs so that they don’t get overly anxious by the more rambunctious bunch. With it being such a sizeable park, we were able to divide the large dog park to then create this low energy section for the more old-timers and mellow fellows. Having so many volunteers, we were able to gravel the whole park to not only make it look nicer, but also make it more accessible when muddy and more manageable for the city to maintain. We also had time to build two new shade pavilions in the areas lacking shade and touched up the paint on the ones we built the year before. Making sure that all sections of the dog park have access to water, owners are now able to bring their dog to the park and have them com

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Monday, February 11

High-Quality, High-Volume Spay/Neuter and Vaccines and Gratitude in Puerto Rico

Post Hurricane Maria, the need for veterinary care in Puerto Rico rose dramatically because as people fled the island, many had no other choice but to leave their pet behind. Because of this, the homeless population of dogs and cats on the island exploded.  Tara, who had been working in Puerto Rico for some time, asked us to get involved in response to this crisis. Her vision was simple - bring no cost high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter and vaccinations to pet owners on the island.

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Tuesday, February 5

Girls’ Voices Spotlight – Radhiya

Radhiya and her mother were overjoyed when they found out Radhiya had won the Judge's Courage Award for her video. She received a $1,200 scholarship that can be used to attend university when she graduates from high school in 2019. Watch the video below to see their reaction!

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Monday, February 4

Shelter Bowl IV Feeds Millions of Shelter Pets

From all of us at, thank YOU so much for all of your support. It is such an honor to partner with you to save as many shelter pets as possible. Let's save them all! 

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