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Shelter Bowl IV Feeds Millions of Shelter Pets

Thanks to YOUR generous donations we surpassed our goal for Shetler Bowl IV! Also thanks to YOUR generosity, Purina® will donate an extra $20,000 of healthy, nutritious food! You provided over 3.6 million meals to shelter pets in need! Meals to feed dogs like Lucky pictured here:

Shelter Bowl IV

Lucky Before

Someone found Lucky as a stray when he was nothing more than skin, bones and deep wounds. Lucky had had an unfortunate start to life and was used as a bait dog and eventually dumped. This is believed to be true by the unusual placement of wounds which were only located on his front legs and body as if his keepers continually lured him out and then he was attacked over and over again. Lucky also had a strong, strong dislike for other dogs.

Shelter Bowl IV

Lucky After!

Today, Lucky is living his best life! His foster family fell in love with him as they helped in his recovery to a healthy weight and rehabilitation to his wounds both externally and internally. Lucky trusted their help and encouragement which made him the loving, playful, and absolutely fantastic dog he is today. Lucky enjoys his days jumping in the pool and is never too far from his new siblings.

“’s Rescue Bank’s assistance with donated, high-qaulity pet food continually helps support our drive, endurance, and mission to help dogs similar to Lucky. Without Rescue Bank’s help, morale boost, encouragement, and overall support, we would not have been able to help Lucky. Lucky’s life may have been very, very different without the support that Rescue Bank has provided us.” – Dogworks Rescue

From all of us at, thank YOU for all of your support. It is such an honor to partner with you to save as many shelter pets as possible. You are the voice for so many that do not have one. Time and time again when we ask for your support, you are there, speaking up for the innocent. Let’s keep saving them. Let’s save them all!

by Jim Kober, February 4, 2019