Girls’ Voices Spotlight – Radhiya

By Juno, Junior Designer & Program Assistant

In 2018, 300 talented young women from 20 countries around the world entered the Girls’ Voices contest to share their stories of courage, their ideas for change, and their creative perspective. Radhiya, a Girls’ Voices scholar from Nairobi, earned the Judge’s Courage Award for her video “My Dream.”

Radhiya is a hard-working, driven young woman. She attends the Kibera Girls’ Soccer Academy in Kibera, Nairobi. In her video, Radhiya explains her dream to attend university and study to become a pediatrician for the World Health Organization. “I really have a passion for kids—I want to help them,” she says. “No matter where they are, no matter where they come from.”

Earlier this summer, Radhiya’s family home was demolished when the government built a road that displaced more than 30,000 Kiberans. Radhiya is the oldest child in a family of eight children, but despite the challenges of finding a new home, Radhiya remains a top student in her class.

Radhiya participates in the journalism club at her school, which was founded to help fight stereotypes about Kibera. Students were frustrated reading stories about their community written from the outside. All the focus was on poverty, crime, or lack of healthcare. Students like Radhiya wanted to tell their own stories about their community and show Kibera to the world through their own eyes. Radhiya’s video for Girls’ Voices demonstrates the resilience and culture of the people of Kibera.

Your donations help GreaterGood.org support extracurricular activities like the journalism club at Radhiya’s school. These after-school programs foster critical thinking and creativity, reducing stress and assisting young women to build self-esteem. With your donations, GreaterGood.org is also able to fund scholarships for the winners of the Girls’ Voices program.

Radhiya and her mother were overjoyed when they found out Radhiya had won the Judge’s Courage Award for her video. She received a $1,200 scholarship that can be used to attend university when she graduates from high school in 2019. Watch the video below to see their reaction!

“Bringing up a child in Kibera is very hard. It has a lot of challenges, and I thank you all. The school, the judges, everybody who participated. Thank you judges, for choosing Radhiya!” – Radhiya’s mother

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