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Ten-Year-Old Boy With Huge Heart Donates Savings to Help Shelter Animals in Need

Rescue Bank Max

Max (right) and one of his brothers at an adoption event where his Aunt Lea Ann volunteered.

One ten-year-old boy with a big heart helped’s Rescue Bank program raise enough funding to donate over 3.6 million meals to shelter animals in need during our Fourth Annual Shelter Bowl earlier this month. Max Taylor is a fourth grader from Oklahoma who enjoys soccer, video games, school, and of course, helping animals! While fundraising for the Shelter Bowl on Facebook, our staff came across the below comment which instantly melted our hearts. We had no choice but to reach out for an interview.

Rescue Bank Max

Thankfully, Max and his Aunt Lea Ann agreed to chat with us. Here is what we learned about this young hero’s love for helping animals and for’s Shetler Bowl! Tell us about your dogs. What are their names? What do you like most about them?

Max: I have a dog named Macy and one named Gus; one is a boy, and one is a girl. Both were adopted from the local animal shelter. Fantastic! Adopting is always the way to go. What are some of your favorite things about your dogs?

Max: Well, Macy is really playful, and Gus stays around you and wants to be petted a lot. Macy and Gus are lucky to have you! We want to thank you again for supporting’s fourth annual Shelter Bowl! Why is it important to you to help animals in shelters and rescues as they wait to be adopted?

Max: Well, I think it’s important because dogs are living beings just like you and me, and they shouldn’t be abused or mistreated or anything like that. Well said, Max. We understand your Aunt Lea Ann is involved in animal rescue. How does it make you feel when you see or hear about her helping animals in need?

Max: It makes me feel happy that other people are doing it, too. Max, with your help, we were able to raise enough money this Shelter Bowl to provide over 3.6 million meals to shelter pets and those in rescues all over the country! How does that make you feel?

Max: It’s amazing! I didn’t know that!

Aunt Lea Ann: That’s awesome! That’s a lot of money raised, Max.

Max: Yeah!’s tagline is There When It Matters™. Regarding helping animals, what does being There When It Matters™ mean to you?

Max: That saying means to me that we’re there for every single animal, not just dogs.

Rescue Bank Max

Max with one of his Aunt Lea Ann’s dogs, Harley Brown.

Needless to say, Max is wise and caring beyond his years. He even stated that he’s already saving for Shelter Bowl V! It was an honor to interview someone helping animals at such a young age by supporting our Rescue Bank program. Animals like Bobby:

Rescue Bank Max

Bobby before rescue

Bobby was living outside 24/7 for breeding. He had never lived indoors since being a puppy; he did not have a dog house or proper food or water supply and was terribly malnourished. Bobby’s owner approached P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue for surrender.

Donated food from’s Rescue Bank was used to support Bobby’s weight gain in his foster home for six weeks before landing a forever home. He was underweight and was advised to eat a high-calorie, high-quality diet. Bobby now weighs over 100 pounds and eats several cups of food multiple times a day.
Rescue Bank Max

Someone who calls him his best friend adopted Bobby. He is in training learning to live indoors. He has a fur sibling and they love each other! Bobby is thriving!

Rescue Bank Max

Click here to help more shelter animals like Bobby.
They need you now.

by Jim Kober, February 25, 2019