Celebrate International Women’s Day With Us!

By Brittany John – Manager of Education Programs

Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist, journalist, and activist once explained: “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.”

We are celebrating International Women’s Day by introducing you to a few phenomenal female leaders we work with and whom your donations support in India, Malawi, Nigeria, and Thailand. These women are igniting change within their communities and around our world.

You can join them by clicking on the topic below that means the most to you, learn more, & take action!

  1. Girls’ Voices

    A Signature Program of, Girls’ Voices is currently working with 400 girls in 21 countries around the world to ignite creativity, highlight resilience, and share their voices through digital media storytelling. Here is Sowmya’s powerful poem about how she perceives women in her community in India.

  2. Menstrual Hygiene Business

    Trinitas is one woman your donations supported with seed funding to start a menstrual hygiene business in Malawi. Trinitas is now well on her way to distribute thousands of menstrual hygiene kits across Malawi, made by local women with locally sourced materials. Her invention and business, Tina Pads, was recently featured in Global Citizen. Access to proper sanitation is one of the most prominent factors that keep girls from completing secondary education, but together we can change that! Like the recent Oscar-winning film states, “a period should end a sentence, not an education.”With this simple resource, Tina Pads can have an incredibly significant impact on the lives of these adolescent girls and has the potential to:

  3. Women Lead Clean Water Initiatives support for 45 women in Mexico, India, and East Africa has lead to the beginning of many start clean water initiatives. These women are leading their communities in safe, clean water, W.A.S.H. (Wash Sanitation and Hygiene) workshops, and in some case are even starting their own clean water distribution businesses for their communities. Meet Jaya; she is a woman who is now widely known as a woman with valuable knowledge regarding hygiene and sanitation in her community.

  4. Women Lead Clean Cookstove Initiatives

    Your support made it possible for 30 female entrepreneurs to launch their own cookstove businesses across Nigeria. In partnership with the Women’s Earth Alliance, we provided 30 women entrepreneurs with technical knowledge, business training, and seed funding to become profitable entrepreneurs and clean energy leaders. These 30 women are now clean cookstove ambassadors are now scaling clean cookstove sales, driving clean energy innovation, and leading coordinated advocacy campaigns to benefit thousands more West African women.

    Risikat and Alimat (pictured below) are two of these women whose story of strength, intelligence, and resilience must be shared. After participating in the 2017-18 clean cookstove training, they returned home to distributed clean cookstoves and education to women in their local communities.

  5. Largest Clinic in Thailand Serving Displaced People, Built by a Woman

    Dr. Cynthia knows firsthand the health challenges facing refugees and the internationally displaced. She was forced to flee her native Burma (now Myanmar) during the pro-democracy uprising in 1988 and has now built the largest clinic in Thailand serving and employing displaced people.

    Dr. Cynthia focused on reproductive health because she knows that in conflict situations, women face exacerbated impediments to accessing health services – particularly maternal health services. To address this challenge, Dr. Cynthia developed a system of providing emergency healthcare for pregnant women, in and around Mae Sot. The former Nobel Prize Nominee has been training women on delivering high standards of health care and has used her influence in the region to lobby governments and international civil society to leverage networks of emergency health services.

    The birthing clinic now safely delivers over 2,300 babies at the clinic annually.

    Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, all donations for this project will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $12,500!

Thank you for supporting these important women led initiatives around the world!

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by brittany, March 8, 2019