Leaving a Legacy Through Education

By Czarina Nafarrate – Content and Program Coordinator

With your help,’s Girls’ Voices program ignites girls’ power through the art of digital media storytelling. The program inspires girls in developing countries to share their unique experiences while cultivating technology and creative skills critical to their future success.

Girls’ Voices is in 21 countries around the globe, and your donations help girls like Camila in Brazil.

Camila got pregnant when she was just 13 years old and had to start working soon after to afford the costs of having a baby by herself. The working hours and lack of experience were very difficult for her. She faced the challenges of being a single mother and motherhood itself. It was exhausting. Despite all the obstacles in her way, she knew that education would be her most important goal to change her life and give her daughter a legacy.

“Education is a way of changing my life and daughter’s life … being able to lead me to college and thus a total change in the direction my life can take,” Camila said.

Having finished high school, Camila is planning to enroll in a language course, pay applicant costs for college, and pay for professional courses to get better job opportunities, all thanks to donors like you.

“Girls Voice showed me the story of amazing people and who, like me, want a change in their futures through education,” Camila said. “I was able to think about how education has affected my life and will affect my daughter’s life.”

Camila says that encouraging her daughter to study will be an important part of raising her.

2018 Winner – Girls’ Voices for Change: Courage

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by czarina, March 19, 2019