The Girls Are Back in School

By Czarina Nafarrate – Content and Program Coordinator

With your help, GreaterGood.org’s Girls’ Voices program ignites girls’ power through the art of digital media storytelling. The program inspires girls in 21 developing countries to share their unique experiences while cultivating technology and creative skills critical to their future success.

Access to education is crucial to a girl’s growth and future success, but simple everyday situations can become obstacles for girls in places like Kenya, who are already facing the harsh realities of child marriage, child labor, and violence in the communities where these girls live. GreaterGood.org’s Girls’ Voices wants to change that.

The program’s scholarships have made a world of difference to these girls from Nairobi who have managed to return to school.

Parents and teachers alike are impressed and grateful to see this kind of impact on the community and are confident this program will support more girls and save them from the threats of violence and early marriages.

Barbara’s Story:

On the first day of school, Barbara showed up bright and early, only for administrators to send her back home. Her family had not been able to pay tuition. The school administration had given up on her and decided they could no longer support her.

Her parents were already struggling to provide for the meals of the siblings back at home, and they could not take on any more. Barbara felt hopeless.  Barbara’s options were limited and she was willing to do anything to help provide money for her family.

Luckily when Girls’ Voices arrived at Barbara’s former school, officials sent out for her. Accompanied by her parents, they broke into a celebration when they heard the news—Barbara could go back to school! The whole school assembled to celebrate with Barbara who was in tears. Barbara was not alone—three of her classmates received help from Girls’ Voices as well. Together they have once again dared to hope.