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Forced to Eat Garbage, Abandoned George Finds Forever Home

By Jim Kober – Director of Content

George Before

When his owners moved, they abandoned George, leaving him outside to fend for himself. He took refuge in a small area of trees in between subdivisions. George was scared to the point that no one could approach him, and he would forage for food on garbage days or when a nearby home would put out some food. He lived this way for months, fearful of all people. He would hide in the woods, infrequently laying on lawns just outside of the trees. He was lonely and scared. Top Dog Rescue received a call to help, and within a week had live-trapped George with some warm fried chicken as bait.

George AFTER!

George’s life today is fantastic! After a lot of work to build his trust, he became an extremely loving boy. His new forever home has taken him to training classes, and he has become the baby of the family, enjoying lots of walks, play times, and snuggling. What a difference love and care can make!’s Rescue Bank has allowed our organization to take on projects like George, where we know we will have homeless animals longer than normal as we work to improve their health and/or socialization. Reducing our food costs allows us to support animals needing more veterinary care as well as those requiring more time to be ready for adoption.” – Top Dog Rescue Group

Did you know for every dollar you donate to Rescue Bank, a rescue group saves $17 in food costs that they can use to save more lives?! Help more dogs like George by clicking here. 

by Jim Kober, April 2, 2019