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Norman – From Severe Neglect to a Loving Forever Home

By Jim Kober – Director of Content

Norman Before

Norman was found on the streets of the Fifth Ward in Houston, hairless and emaciated, scrounging for food. It was clear he had either never lived in a home, or experienced severe neglected. Adorable Mutts Rescue took him in and cared for him for nearly two months. This wouldn’t have been possible without high-quality food donated from’s Rescue Bank.

Norman AFTER!

The money the rescue saved on food went toward vetting and other medical needs. His coat returned after several weeks, and he began looking like a healthy dog again. He was very wary of humans, and so Adorable Mutts put him into a class for socialization and basic command training.


Norman found his loving forever home in Canada! His new mom couldn’t touch him for three days, but she has earned his trust. He is still very wary of humans, but now he can bond. He is so sweet and living the life he so deserves!

Did you know for every dollar you donate to Rescue Bank, a rescue group saves $17 in food costs that they can use to save more lives? Help more dogs like Norman by clicking here!

by Jim Kober, April 3, 2019