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Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

By Czarina Nafarrate – Content and Program Coordinator

It might not be Earth Day yet, but we’re celebrating all month long!

April 22, 1970: the modern environmental movement begins!

Known today as Earth Day, every year, more than a billion people around the globe celebrate this anniversary by taking actions that create a thriving environment for humans, animals, and the planet.

Animals close to extinction, habitats growing smaller, weather events unlike any we’ve seen before… It’s time to make a change! As protectors of the planet, the GreaterGood.org team has a few tips to help you celebrate all month long and beyond.

Replace single-use plastics!

“Living in the Sonoran Desert, it’s important to stay hydrated. Reusing my glass bottle keeps me out of the single-use plastic bottle game.”—Jim

“I bring my lunch to work in reusable containers to cut down on waste. Washable snack bags and boxes help keep me full without filling up the trash bin.”—Hannah

“I used to use disposable straws all the time, but after learning about how straws are harming marine life and clogging our oceans with plastic, I made the switch to reusable straws. They’re sturdy, easy to clean, and best of all — they won’t end up in the ocean.”—Marina

Get your recycle on!

“When I started working here, our office building didn’t have the option to recycle. GreaterGood.org worked with the building owner and the city to put a recycling process in place. I’m so happy to reduce our ecological footprint – one office at a time!”—Sean

Accessorize your groceries!

“I like shopping in style. Any cute bag can become a reusable grocery bag! Some stores even give you discounts for bringing in your own bags. Not only are you saving money but you’re helping the environment! I keep them on my front seat, so I don’t forget to use them.”—Lexi

Your efforts to live a greener life helps animals like these continue to thrive in their habitats and gives children like these a brighter future to inherit.

GreaterGood.org’s signature programs focus on people, pets, and the planet. With your help, we plan on taking good care of all three.

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