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Rescued Breeding Dog Lives a Life of Love and Forgiveness

By Jim Kober – Director of Content

Someone found Bessie in poor shape tied to a street sign. She had an enormous mammary tumor and was terribly emaciated. It was apparent that she had bred many times. She most likely got dumped due to the tumor being so large that nursing puppies was no longer an option. The moment they saw her picture, Saving G.R.A.C.E. Rescue knew they had to save her.

Bessie before surgery

“It was very apparent that Bessie was thankful for being in an environment where she had regular meals and all the love she can handle,” Saving G.R.A.C.E. stated. “We are grateful for the fact that we were able to have her tumor removed within the week we had gotten her; it was obviously causing her a lot of discomfort. This sweet dog went from a life without hope, to the most spoiled and loved dog ever.”

Bessie recovering after her successful operation!

Bessie and her story quickly built up a fan club. To meet her is to love her, and despite the suffering she has endured at the hands of humans, Bessie now lives a life of love and forgiveness. With the tumor gone, Bessie is about five pounds lighter, and has many hearty meals provided by’s Rescue Bank program in her future to get to a healthy weight. Once Bessie has reached a healthy weight and can be spayed, she can find her perfect forever home!

“Here at Saving G.R.A.C.E., our passion lies with the special needs animals, like Bessie, and often this means our foster animals have larger than normal medical bills. We would not be able to save these kinds of animals if it weren’t for the help of so many generous people and programs helping us out; programs such as’s Rescue Bank,” Saving G.R.A.C.E. told us. “Bessie’s medical bills are nearing the thousand-dollar mark, and not having to worry about buying good quality foods at market price is a huge weight off of our shoulders. Without Rescue Bank, and programs like this, we have no doubt in our minds that rescues wouldn’t readily take in cases like Bessie’s due to the fact that so much of their funding would have to go toward food bills.”

by Jim Kober, April 9, 2019