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Minnie Was Overweight and Had Severe Allergies When Her Owner Abandoned Her;’s Rescue Bank Helped Get Minnie Back in the Game

By Jim Kober – Director of Content


Minnie was surrendered to Castaway Pet Rescue after her owner moved and could not take her along. She didn’t understand why her pack would leave her, but she knew that’s not what real packs do, so she started on a journey to find her new pack, one that would never leave. When Castaway received Minnie, she was severely overweight, and her allergies were not under control. She had scabs covering her body and rashes all around her skin. Minnie is currently in a foster home that is considering adopting her. She is doing great, and her allergies are now under control. Her foster home takes her on long daily walks to help her lose weight and get her back to health. She enjoys snuggling on the couch and going for car rides! She hopes her fosters are her new pack, but if they’re not, Minnie knows there’s a forever home out there for her somewhere and one that she’ll find soon! “Minnie has severe allergies to certain kinds of food and needs to eat a grain free diet. Through’s Rescue Bank program, we were able to get grain free food to feed all of our dogs, along with Minnie. Minnie’s allergy medication is expensive, and she will most likely need it for her entire life, so by having this food, it greatly helps us budget for her expenses going forward and allows us to allocate our funds toward the medical needs of our dogs.” – Castaway Pet Rescue

by Jim Kober, April 15, 2019