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Pets & Vets

By Czarina Nafarrate – Content & Program Coordinator funds partners who provide support for reintegration, PTSD, and other physical and emotional challenges veterans face today. Some of our favorite stories come from partners that pair veterans with companion or service dogs.

US Navy PO2, Andrea served in both Kuwait and Afghanistan. As a result of service-related events, she was diagnosed with PTSD along with other mobility disabilities that made life difficult. Andrea received service dog Sake, a male Golden Retriever, at a recent graduation. Andrea has gone back to college and is pursuing her Master’s degree.

“Sake made my life easier. He keeps me calm. He has given me purpose. He has made my life worth living. Sake totally and unconditionally loves me. He is an asset to my life. Thank you, Patriot PAWS.”

John, an elderly Coast Guard veteran, has been widowed since 2011. His daughter visits him daily, but life was a little lonely for John … until “the boys” came along.

His dog Boomer, and his Pets for Patriots adoptee, Roscoe keep him company. Roscoe is an affectionate pup and has been a great little brother to Boomer.

“He’s a blessing to me and Boomer and given us a new purpose in life,” John says. “I’m not sure who’s adopted who but you can feel the love.”