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Wrapped in a Bag, Placed in a Box, Tossed From a Moving Car – Senior Pup Leila Knew Life Had More in Store for Her

By Jim Kober – Director of Content

Leila, a senior pup, was horrifically tossed from a moving car, in a box where someone wrapped her inside of a plastic bag. A good Samaritan saw the box fly out of the car and heard a scream. She pulled over, ran to the box, and opened it. There she saw sweet Leila and called Groovy Paws Rescue immediately. (Can you imagine what must have gone through innocent Leila’s mind as she flew through the air?)

The rescue met the woman right away and got Leila to their vet. Thank goodness she was okay. But Leila only weighed 7 oz. They immediately put her on a diet of high-quality food donated by’s Rescue Bank, and Leila began to put on good weight.

Leila with her new momma!

Then, an amazing woman adopted Leila. She now knows a beautiful life being spoiled, eating great food from Rescue Bank, and spending her days cuddling with her new momma. She is one happy and incredibly loved 15-year-old girl!

Groovy Paws Rescue helps many senior dogs. They stated, “The food we receive from’s Rescue Bank helps us make sure all of our animals have good food and helps us move other funds around to pay our high vet bills. Rescue Bank is truly a lifesaver!”

by Jim Kober, April 17, 2019