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Mama Macy’s Second Chance

By Czarina Nafarrate, Content & Program Coordinator

In May of 2018, Mama Macy was transferred to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay suffering from a broken leg, a gunshot wound, and a shattered left hip, all while pregnant.

Your donations helped Macy receive an emergency c-section and extensive surgery to address her other injuries.

Macy’s shattered leg was amputated and the bullet was removed from her other leg. She and her puppies were spayed and neutered and they all received the appropriate medications, vaccination, and microchips.

While in foster care, Mama Macy’s foster mama knew that’s where she belonged and adopted her.

Mama Macy is now living the good life with her furry siblings and thanks to donors like you, her and her puppies are receiving all the love they deserve.