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Senior Dalmatian Mix Overlooked at Shelter Finds Hope

Sweet Dennis

Dennis is a handsome Dalmatian mix. Sadly, everyone overlooked this senior at the shelter. He spent his days watching dog after dog after dog find forever homes. As this continued, the staff felt Dennis was becoming more and more depressed and pleaded with rescues to take him in as they thought Dennis would do better in a foster home.

Dogworks was quick to act and warmly welcomed Dennis. Dennis is not only a senior but is also partially blind due to a rental detachment.

“Belly rubs, please.”

Unfortunately, most potential adopters overlook senior dogs like Dennis, though they make incredible companions. They are house trained; they know how special finding a forever home is (they crave finding one again more than anything); they are more laid back than younger dogs, and adopting one will make your heart sing!

Dennis is doing great in foster while he dreams of his new pack. The shelter now a distant memory, Dennis spends his nights sleeping on a bed with his foster family, his days playing with his foster brother, and on Sundays, he curls up on the recliner to enjoy a game of football. Dennis has high spirits, and his happy-go-lucky self has come full circle since joining Dogworks.

“The donations from GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank will help Dogworks continue our mission and allow us the opportunity to rescue more dogs like Dennis. With the relief of worry regarding food, we can allocate funds in other areas, such as medical, to continue to help dogs most in need.” – Dogworks