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Welcome to the World, Baby Chit!

By Czarina Nafarrate, Content & Programs Coordinator

Along the Thai/Burmese border, infant mortality rates spike to 1 in 100 live births and women are 22 times more likely to die during childbirth. In an area where these difficult statistics are the reality lived by refugee mothers, the Mae Tao Clinic provides essential services to save lives by facilitating safe births. The clinic’s health team safely delivers between 3-15 babies every day. Thanks to donors like you, GreaterGood.org is able to extend grants to the Mae Tao Clinic in order to improve access to prenatal care, safe labor and delivery, and postpartum care for new mothers and their babies, like Su Ngae and Chit Sable.

After spending the first four months of her pregnancy in her village, Su Ngae began visiting the Mae Tao Clinic for regular check-ups.

Unfortunately, during Su Ngae’s delivery, she suffered from uterine atony, reducing her ability to contract and compress the blood vessels, which helps to prevent hemorrhages. A blood transfusion was necessary to mitigate blood loss. But with the team’s help, Su Ngae and her new baby, Chit Sable, made it through the delivery safely and without any further complications.

Su Ngae and her partner were ecstatic to have their first child, though they had some uncertainty over how to properly care for him. The MTC reproductive health team provided them with child health and breastfeeding education and asked them to regularly follow up for immunizations.

Chit Sable’s parents would like for him to receive an education in Burma and hope that one day he will become a teacher. The family believes that their experience demonstrated the ability of donors’ contributions to save the lives of pregnant women and their babies.