Dance Like No One is Watching

By Czarina Nafarrate, Content & Programs Coordinator

GreaterGood.org’s Girls’ Voices program aims to encourage girls around the world to pursue higher education, make a difference in their community, and tell their story. This is Princesa’s story. After graduating from high school, Princesa decided to pursue her passion. While deciding what she’d like to study in college, Princesa began taking dance classes—something which she’s always excelled in and loved. Her studio was located in an underserved community, so when she could, she would volunteer as a dance instructor for the younger students. Unfortunately, due to financial struggles at home, Princesa had to make a decision: continue dancing or quit and make her cleaning job her full-time career. With the help of GreaterGood.org’s scholarship, Princesa will be able to continue making a difference in her community through dance. See what she has to say below:

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