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Oscar’s Faux Paw is a Happy One

Whether it’s a birth flaw or due to illness or injury, pets with disabilities are just as capable of showing love and living a fulfilling life. Today is National Specially-Abled Pets Day and we wanted to share Oscar’s journey with you.

A good Samaritan found 8-month old Oscar stranded in the Arizona desert and took him to a local animal rescue. Oscar was visibly malnourished and missing a portion of his left hind limb. A foster family volunteered to look after him while he healed, but his mobility difficulties made being a happy puppy really hard. He couldn’t explore much, enjoy walks with the family, and had to stay home during hiking trips.

Where once total amputation was once the only option for pups like Oscar, modern veterinary prosthetics have changed the game. Thanks to our donors, vets were able to restore Oscar’s four-legged mobility with a custom-made prosthesis. After receiving his new paw, Oscar went through therapy and some adjustments to get him ready for adoption.

Today Oscar goes by Odin and can be found running and playing with his two doggie siblings in his new home. He sure is loving life and his family!